Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day #10 Laundry Challenge - 2 days and now it's DONE!

Our laundry area is in the garage so I I have one shelf and then I just use the top of the dryer to hold stuff. It wasn't too bad but I did need to clean out the overflowing lint trash can and see what exactly was on that shelf.

For the main part of the laundry challenge, I decided that the laundry should be DONE. We have an electric blanket that is hard to wash that I think has been out there for at least two winter seasons. We also have a high chair cover and a baby car seat cover that needed to be washed and my "baby" is two. So I had some miscellaneous catch up to do in addition to all this plus 3 more baskets upstairs.

Well I discovered that the shelf had brake oil that was here from when we bought the house. Umm..ew. There was other stuff that needed to go but mostly I just put it back neatly and wiped down the shelf and the tops of the washer/dryer. I also swept the laundry area floor.. Ooo aaa I can see the floor and before mentioned electric blanket is drying. Yea!

But here is the real accomplishment. ALL laundry put away in respective drawers. New towels and sheets on the beds for everyone. I get to re-claim my beautiful blue couch. And I have NINE empty laundry baskets. Ahh the sight of empty laundry baskets...Isn't it just gorgeous??

Time to kick my feet up and relax. Glad that we are only do half school this week. Today's challenge was the freezer which I decided was not a good thing to do while trash service is canceled so that will have to wait until later. I needed the extra time to do laundry anyway. :)

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  1. Good call on skipping the freezer with no trash service. I can't beleive you own nine laundry baskets. I only have one (not including the hampers for each bedroom). I never knew you could wash an electric blanket. My girls (well, Catherine) is actually good at doing laundry, which helps. Can Andrew help you with this task?