Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day # 9 Toy Organization - Going from Ugh to Wow!

Day 9 on my organizational challenge is toy organization. I was going to put this off for as long as possible but since it was today's challenge, I decided to go ahead and plunge in. It took hours. See why...

So obviously in addition to an organizational problem, I also have a cleanliness problem. I admit that I am not as good as getting the kids to pick up as I should be. Part of the problem is that my solution to cleaning up the rest of the house is to gather up all their toys and dump them in their room without putting them away. Now that I have it cleaned up though. It's easier to keep it clean and I will also soon be rolling out a kids clean system involving their specific tasks written on craft sticks and me handing out the craft sticks to the kids to complete the task.

Here is after..What's that you see? I think other people call it a FLOOR. Who knew this room even had one! In corresponding order to the before pictures...

So where DID all those toys go? Well one of my secrets is that the closet in this room has a chain lock on the top. And Chris built shelves for the closet and there are many trucks, bins, hats, puzzles, etc that live in the closet and I have control over what comes out. I don't like a free for all on the toys. I have too many for that.

Organization FAIL..We got this under the bed storage unit. Seemed like a good idea at the time. There is all that space under the bed after all. But it's horrible. The dividers are weird and have a gap at the bottom and once you open the whole thing, it becomes like those bins (see before pic #1..I hate those too and put them in the other kid's room) where they just dump every toy. So because I can't get to the store to buy a shelving unit to hold a bunch of cutely labeled plastic boxes, this will have to do for now.

Stay's challenge was laundry organization to which I decided to take on as getting every single piece of laundry in the house done and put away including all the little quirky things that have been in the laundry room for months because I just haven't gotten a chance to deal with them (i.e. some curtains that need to be bleached and an electric blanket with annoying instructions). This challenge is going to take two days for me. So more tomorrow!


  1. Love all the organizing you've been doing! :)

  2. Hey, I organized our toys this week too! And the laundry room--right now I'm wearing the wool sweater that had been sitting in there for months because I was worried about washing it. Turns out my awesome washing machine has a "hand wash/wool" cycle. Duh. :)

  3. Toy organization is the worst. I feel like a Nazi mother trying to enforce it every day. It looks great and I pray for your patience as you try to make the kids maintain it.