Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fun Calendar with the Kids

You have heard of Picture Books. Well this is my picture calendar. This combines one of my kids all time favorite crafts with one of Andrew's all time favorite things to do. Allow me to continue

Favorite craft..My kids love sitting down at the computer with me and going through Google Images and finding pictures for me to print out. I usually copy and paste them to a Word Doc and then print to my color printer. It could be anything from something themed like dinosaurs or just random things that they like. I then cut them out and they spend forever gluing them to paper. The last time we did it we laminated them and made them placemats. So for my calendar, Peter got to help me pick out photos for the calendar. Usually this ends up in watching some You Tube videos too and let me just say that some of those roller coaster videos made my stomach curl but Andrew thought they were awesome..I digress.

Andrew's all time favorite thing..well one of many..is to know what is happening on the next day. He also wants his life to be filled with fun and for the summer I am fulfilling his dream because I too want to have fun and school is around the corner.

So the blank column before Sunday is a bunch of pictures that I want to put ON the calendar somewhere and the others are the days of the week with the activities that I have planned. You should have seen Andrew's excitement last night when he checked the calendar and discovered that we were going to Play. I got a lot of blank days that need to be filled up in July. I am sure I will have no problem filling it in with all the fun things I want to do!

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