Sunday, February 5, 2012

Next year's school decisions

I know that people will continue to ask me why I am leaving Georgia Cyber Academy which we have done for 2 years so I figured I would write a blog post. Now in Kindergarten, I wrote a similar blog post and then we ended up doing it in 1st Grade. I feel more confident that my decision is going to stick this time but don't hold me to it. :)

Pros of GCA - I like their Math and their Language Arts (sort of). And their History tied into what we were doing with Story of the World. Andrew really likes all of it. He likes the online math lessons, the reading room with audios. He didn't like phonics or grammar but he wouldn't like that with any curriculum. It's free.

Cons of GCA - teacher conferences, quarterly portfolios, remembering to enter attendance, health and PE hours, dealing with public school stuff, phonics. And for us, we were doing 2 curriculums since we were also doing classical education stuff and we also did Timothy Ministry on Fridays. So it was a lot for us.

What we are moving to..

Language Arts - Sonlight Grade 3 reading schedule and companion guide. Going to get most of the books from the library. Shurley Grammar - I like grammar but this is going to be a lot of work! No more phonics. Haven't decided on a Spelling program or whether or not to do Worldly Wise. Continue to read independently and suggested literature from Well Trained Mind. This by far is the MOST overwhelming subject because there are so many parts of it!

Science - Elemental Science - will be studying Earth Science and Astronomy. Excited about family membership to the Tellus Museum! This fits into the Well Trained Mind classical schedule.

History - Story of the World - Book 2 - Rome and Medieval times - Part of WTM classical schedule.

Math - Going to compare Saxon 3 with Horizons Math 3 and see which one I like better. Looked at online curriculums and not sure I liked anything except my kids are in love with so we might use that as supplemental. Thought about since Andrew likes GCA math but it's not the same as what we are doing and repeats entire units in 3rd grade that we already did this year. Plus I don't want to spend $300 on a curriculum each year that I can't use on the next kid. So it's out.

Andrew will continue in Timothy Ministry and Peter will join him in the pre-K program. If there are any more curriculum decisions that I have to make, it's going to have to wait because my head is spinning right now!!

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