Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our 2nd 1st Day of School and Andrew's schedule

It's funny to see that one of my last posts was why I am leaving GCA. I have said that every year and then somehow I manage to justify another year. So we are doing it another year but I swear it's the last because I don't want to do CRCT but the good news is that next year Peter will be in GCA. It has its flaws but I really do like GCA.

So tomorrow is our 2nd 1st day of School because it's the 1st day of school for GCA. But we as a family started last Monday and despite being really sick all week, we did pretty well.

Decided to organize a little bit different thanks to tips from my friend Victoria. I have a hanging file folder for all boys and for the older boys, I have 5 folders labeled Monday - Friday. For half the night, I have been printing and copying the worksheets that they need for each day.

So that Andrew knows what he needs to do each day, I printed him out a daily schedule. This will work well for him because sometimes he needs to do things with me before he can do a worksheet.  For Peter, he mostly just sits and does worksheets all day long. My challenge with him is to convince him to not do the whole week in one day.

So here is Andrew's schedule for tomorrow. I hope we get it all done and smoothly. It's 10 PM and I am going to bed. Alarm clock (for me) is going off at 6:45 AM. Kids roll out of bed around 7:30 AM.

Today's date: Monday August 13th

Today is the first day of school of GCA!!!

Here is what ANDREW is going to do today:

Bible Story – Simeon and Anna
  • Read Luke 2: 25-38 in your Bible
  • Do Bible worksheets in your file
  • Memorize verse -Luke 2: 26 - And it has been revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that he would not see death before he had seen the Lord's Christ

Story of the World
  • With Mommy, read story from ch 40 Rome begins to weaken – The British Rebellion
  • Mommy to copy down narration for the story (narration page in school file)

Handwriting – pg 14 (Capital Partners) and pg 15 ( T and t)

  • Work with Mommy on 4s flash cards
  • Unit 4 Lesson 8 – Log onto K12 for online portion
  • Skills Update – xGerms Subtraction
  • Online – Get Ready Multilpication review & Recall 4s Facts
  • Offline – pg 78 Practice Multiplication worksheet (in school file)

  • Color My Science Notebook worksheet. With M & P, make Science Notebook
  • Participate in Peter's Science lesson
  • Usborne's Our World – pg 4 -5 Our Planet, Narration & Pictures
  • Experiment – Hot n Cold – worksheet in school file
  • Memorize Vocab – Space – the region beyond the atmosphere of Earth

Language Arts

  • Spelling – Go over new spelling words with Mommy. Then write heart words on index cards and practice.
  • Grammar – Review subjects and predicates. Complete Subjects and Predicates worksheet in file.
Independent Reading – Continue reading The Mouse and the Motorcycle. If finished, choose a new book! 

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