Thursday, May 20, 2010

Camping - Vogel State Park - May 7 - 9

Camping - Vogel State Park - May 7 - 9

In addition to homeschooling stuff, I am also going to use this as a journal for my camping trips. I am using copy image location from Chris' flickr site and I don't like the image size so I am going to have to have plan B for future posts. I might even bother to fix this post if it bugs me enough. All photographs were taken by Chris and more photos from this trip can be seen on his flickr site.

On May 7 - 9. 2010, we went to Vogel State Park. We invited along the Remingtons and the Heilmans who are friends dating back to college that we continue to be friends with as adults. Both live near us. The Rems have 3 boys as well aged 4,2 and 6 mos.

We chose Vogel State Park because with all those boys, you really need a stream. Peter really liked the stream the best. Josh would walk in it and then immediately walk back out. I am guessing that he didn't like how cold it was.

We have been to Vogel twice before. Once when Andrew was almost 2 and we stayed in the walk in campground (those days are over). And over Christmas, we stayed in a cottage which was very quaint minus the dead mouse. It was freezing and if we go next year, we are going to bring an area rug. But I digress. This was the first time we had stayed in Vogel campgrounds and it was very nice. It was shaded and the sites were huge. We went back to the tent and pop up only section and I liked it even more and whereas all the big sites were completely full, the tent/pop up section was nearly empty.

E totally made fun at me at camp because I brought toys. I always bring toys. There is only so much throwing gravel that I find entertaining. My boys like the woods but I must say that the Rems did a much better job in finding entertainment in the outdoor world. It took them about 10 minutes before they discovered the creek behind the campsite and immediately got wet. But all that to say that even though we had the evil toys from Mattel present, Andrew's favorite part was definitely climbing trees. He only fell out of it once.

Josh enjoyed climbing a ladder at the playground that is much too high for him. He also is a huge fan of toasted marshmallows. Not just marshmallows but toasted ones to make the most gooey mess as he possibly can. He was very cute wandering around the camp fire to be next to which ever person had the marshmallow bag.

We had a great time. I really enjoyed camping with both the Rems and Heilmans and hope that we can coordinate future trips with them. Our next trip is on May 29th, we leave for Hunting Island, SC for our camping on the beach trip.

Last but not least..a very fitting family photo for us. I think it should be our Christmas card. :)


  1. Great trip - that would be a good Christmas card photo. I am so glad you are blogging more!