Saturday, May 15, 2010

Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my new blog. I had an old blog but I didn't like it. I rambled a whole bunch on it. I might still go over to it and ramble on it but this is just going to be a diary of life events for myself and my kiddos. I am married to an awesome man named Christopher. He is a wonderful husband, father and leader of our home. I admire his devotion to Christ and his commitment to glorifying Him. I love his devotion that he has for our family to be the loving husband and father and the leader and provider. He does a wonderful job and I have learned so much about life from him.

I have three boys - Andrew is 5 1/2 as he will tell you proudly, Peter is 2 1/2 and Joshua is 1 1/2. They are my crazy boys. Crazy boys rule! I love my family immensely and have so much fun with them. Two big things in our life are camping and homeschooling so you probably will hear about a little about both here. Well probably more homeschooling than camping. Not much to say about camping but I do hope to summarize each excursion we go on. I am also insanely organizationally challenged so you will also hear me ramble about some awesome organizational tool/trick that is going to completely revolutionize my household and way of living but I will note that I will only follow said great idea for about a week maybe two..hence the organizationally challenged part.

Well that's all for now. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Yay for new blogs! (And, you know I'm a little addicted to decorating blogs, so if you ever want to gussie it up, let me know!)