Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fun with Snacks

This was on my other blog but I like it so much that I am putting it over here too. :)

So Andrew and I are at the dentist today reading a High Five magazine. Well, we were there for a cleaning but of course, we had the pre-show entertain yourself time. And we came across a fun snack idea for kids. They are called "Apple Smiles". They seemed simple enough. Cut an apple into slices. Oh wait..forgot step 1..wash hands. Heh..we forgot that step when making them too..oops! And then spread a layer of cream cheese on a side of each in such a way that the red is facing out. Place mini marshmallows (I'm sure the dentist would be oh so proud) between the cream cheese for the teeth. Place apple in mouth. Take photo. Okay, it didn't say to take photo but when you do fun crafty things as infrequently as I do with the kids, you have to take photos for posterity's sake.

So here's the rub. We had apples. They were even red. But we only had large marshmallows so we had to cut them. And Andrew doesn't like cream cheese so we used peanut butter. So without further ado, I present you both Exhibit A and Exhibit B of what I affectionately call my

Tobacco spittin redneck apple smiles...

I am thinking about a weekly blog post with fun kids snacks ideas gone wrong. But I can't imagine them looking as utterly ridiculous of sticking peanut butter apples with malformed marshmallows into your mouth. You should try it. Fun for all ages!

P.S. Here's the "recipe" and what they are actually supposed to look like!

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