Sunday, November 16, 2014

Moving forward with a smile

So I didn't want to end the weekend with THAT depressing sob story blog post. I also want to clear up some things I didn't say well

1) I did not mean to imply that my non-Christian friends judge me. Far from it, they are the least judgmental people in my life. More of what I meant to say is that if I was going to go up in battle about a blog post about my faith, you think that it would be against the world and not against other Christians. If I have to fight a battle with a non-Christian about my faith, I haven't met that person yet. The non-Christians in my life are amazing. As long as I respect them and don't judge them, they treat me the same.

2) I didn't mean to imply that I don't already have real life friends . I have AMAZING real life friends that I know would support me in a second but sometimes I need to speak up when I need help. And there lies the problem.. I am not good about speaking up...being real with real live people.. not one of my greatest strong points.  But this is something for ME to work on.  You amazing friends just keep on being amazing and THANK YOU for all your encouraging posts and emails and blog posts. You overwhelm me!

One of the best things that came out of yesterday's blog post is that it opened dialogue with Chris about how 1) I am not the best at communicating. (my take away..not his actual words) and 2) Because he knows me so well and because I was able to explain in more detail than I could give you, he was able to help me through the situation I got myself in and how easy it was for the enemy to attack me while I was vulnerable in a situation that I should have run from. So that's all cleared up now.

And I am back to normal... ahhh.  Where normal is defined as happy, joyous, and filled with gratitude. It's my new normal. And I love it!


  1. Oh.. I judge Everyone. Part of my job.

    As for "Communication," lots of marital therapy work centers on "mirroring" the other partner as well as dealing with the difference between the Intent of the Speaker and the Impact on the Listener.

    Maggie and I found that what we are "saying" is not heard by our partner, since they have their own filter. When I am being funny, it may come out as mean, when she is just commenting as an aide, I take it personally, etc etc. Good stuff to work on in a marriage.

  2. Yeah but judging in your world looks different than my world. I get judged because I feed my kids Cheetos and let them watch Pokemon. :)

  3. You need to not let the envy, jealousy, and inadequacies of others affect your life that you made. Who cares if they judge. Haters gonna Hate.

    They want, and their wanting is their failure.

    If it affects you.... now THAT is your failure.

    No doubt you love your family, faith and community. If you let the feelings of others drive your decisions, you are failing your beliefs. Be Amanda and be confident. You do not need the approval of others. Seriously.

  4. I end up negotiating with myself about who would be best to ask for help and when. I usually wait till the need is urgent and then the people I can call gets to be a very small list.